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Hip-Hop News: M-Dash Speaks to
Rapper reppin the Bay Area speaks to RNN about his group Natural Born Dank.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/29/2005 12:12:04 PM

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Your group is known as NBD aka Natural Born Dank. Who are the members of NBD?

M-Dash and Tilt make up NBD


How did the group form? Were you local friends before you started the group?

Me and Tilt hooked up. He’s from San Diego, I’m from Vallejo and we linked up and formed a group and its been crackin from there. We went to high school together.


You have a CD out called Po, Broke & Hungry. What date did this album drop?

That dropped April 2004.


How can people get a hold of this album? Is it in stores or online through Do you have a national distributor?

In stores, Tower Records, FYE, Rapsody, You can also find it on my site,


What is the first single off the album? What other singles can we expect from this album?

“Smoke On” featuring Tha Jacka. Besides that, we got The Game on another track called “We Run This” feat Prozak.


Who are the featured artists on this album?

The Game on 2 tracks, The Jacka, San Quin, JT The Bigga Figga, Sean T, A-Wax, a lot of west coast, bay area hitters on the album. I got my Platinum Bound label artists on here as well.


On this album, name a few of your favorite tracks.

“Smoke On” has to be a favorite because I smoke real big anyway. We rollin big burrito blunts to that track. I dig the track with San Quin called “The Bay Never Left”. A lot of cats say the Bay fell off, but I feel like we’ve always been there holdin it down. “Makes Me Wanna” will make you wanna blaze, we got a lot of hot ones on there.


I watched your DVD and noticed that you are avid smokers of marijuana. How do you compare pot with other drugs that rappers are promoting?

One thing, it’s the breakfast of champions. You wake up and get loaded, its not like a morning high. At the same time, its from the earth. It ain’t nothing chopped up, o

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