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Hip-Hop News: The AVE Spring '05
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Posted by Robert
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3/23/2005 7:30:20 AM

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The Spring ’05 issue of The AVE features a unique cover story with Compton California MC The Game. The Compton California MC reflects on the 10-year anniversary of rap pioneer Eazy-E’s death from AIDS and his influence on hip-hop. The special tribute article also includes words from the rap icon’s son and up-and-coming rapper Lil’ Eazy as he recounts his father’s final moments.

The second cover is just as intriguing as it bears a striking portrait of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. In the article, THE AVE examines the dissolving sense of leadership in the Black community since the passing of key figureheads like Malcolm X and Dr. King.

Another iconic figure honored in this issue is reggae legend Bob Marley, who would have celebrated his 60 birthday this month. And in a candid one-on-one interview, Ms. Cherry Jones pays her last respects to her son, Russell “ODB” Jones.

As the “street movement in print” continues, the content goes international to report on the massive genocide occurring in the African country of Sudan. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost in the western city of Darfur due to bombings, famine and rapes. THE AVE informs readers about the many atrocities occurring in the motherland.  This issue’s Represent column sheds light on the growing hip-hop scene in New Zealand.

Other highlights include, an intriguing interview with the LOX’s Styles P, who speaks candidly about the ramifications of his incarceration on his family and his new outlook on life and music. Compton MC Guerilla Black relives the experience of losing his wife to spinal meningitis in “Life and Times”. That sentiment is also reflected in “Broadway”, articles like “Screen Savers” and “Career Criminal,” which explore the effects of violent TV on children and record labels cashing in on artists that serve time in jail, respectively. There are also informative tips for keeping wayward landlords in check.

THE AVE magazine is a quarterly hip-hop publication that covers music, fashion and entertainment, while addressing important social and political issues relevant to hip-hop culture. THE AVE is distributed nationally on newsstands and at all Tower Records, Virgin Mega Stores, Barnes & Nobles and Borders Books.

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