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Hip-Hop News: Xzibit Cited At Airport For Marijuana
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Posted by Dave
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3/15/2005 11:34:33 AM

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Before performing for hundreds of fans Sunday evening, hip-hop superstar Xzibit was cited by Customs officers upon his arrival at the Guam International Airport Authority. Acting Customs director Rick Blas says K-9 dogs alerted to the rapper's baggage, and that during a secondary search, officers found approximately two grams of marijuana tucked into the performer's clothes.
 While reports on the incident are being finalized, Blas says the rapper was cited for possession of less than an ounce of a controlled substance. "These people tend to forget that whenever they cross international borders, regardless of their status, Customs has control of the borders," explained Blas.
 Blas also added that Customs has zero tolerance for drugs coming into Guam's borders. Xzibit was given a citation and will have to pay a fine unless he intends to fight the matter in court, but Customs officials say the California resident was cooperative. "He was very good-natured that morning," recalled Blas, "even declaring that he had it and he was smoking it. Very seldom we find people being caught and the very first thing is deny, deny, deny. He was very relaxed about it."
 Xzibit continues his "Weapons of Mass Destruction" tour across the nation.


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