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Hip-Hop News: Battle of Four Purposed
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
3/15/2005 11:19:56 AM

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New York City’s Monday Night Fight Klub will host the “Battle of Four” –that is if four major entertainers in the music industry agree to appear. Monday Night Fight Klub known for their simple approach of two microphones and a heavy amount of talent want to provide a lyricist battle to end the “hype.” The event (“Battle of Four”) promises to be bigger than any battle ever witnessed. The event was conceptualized as a peaceful solution to a series of statements made by four larger than life stars in the music industry today. The battle is nothing less than a massive reaction to lyrical content in some of their current top selling CDs.

Each of the stars alleges to be the “best” as it relates to lyrical talent and states to be more “rich” and successful than the next. Monday Night Fight Klub would like to end the nonsense by providing the four with a forum to battle it out before a crowd with nothing more than their raw talent. He who wins will leave the building a true millionaire having won a prize in that amount. A million dollars will be awarded to the winner of this tantalizing performance.

Something to the caliber of a major boxing match produced by Don King, this event will feature (if agreed) East Coast hardcore rapper, 50 Cent, Latino Rapper Fat Joe, famed lyricist Jadakiss and West Coast rapper The Game.

Simply put this event will end the apparent feud and provide listeners with a hair raising experience of unedited, live and pulsating performance by some of the best artists being showcased today. If all four artists agree to appear via contract, one will certainly be the last one on the stage, thus the “best” and a million dollars richer. Do all four contenders accept the challenge? It’s worth watching this battle, better yet, worth listening…

Monday Night Fight Klub has been featured in local, regional, national and International publications as a major platform for various artists in the entertainment industry today. The lyrical battles the organization holds have served as a unique and powerful medium of exposure for such successful artists as “Jin” who won 50 thousand dollars at a Monday Night Fight Klub event and “Remy Martin”. A handful of others currently seen on such networks as BET got their first “break” at Monday Night Fight Klub which prides itself in providing unknown talent the means to get their talent showcased in a high energy, industry setting.

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