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Hip-Hop News: Jadakiss Retaliates
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Posted by Robert
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3/10/2005 11:28:03 AM

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Rap artist 50 Cent may have called for peace with Game at a press conference Wednesday, but he definitely has unresolved issues with some of his other peers.


Hours after 50's media event, Jadakiss and Fat Joe became the first to retaliate for getting called out on "Piggy Bank."


On Wednesday evening, Kiss started the verbal melee, sending out his new freestyle to a few parties, which was labeled "Checkmate." In it, the Yonkers, New York, native uses the G-Unit general's own ammo against him: Kiss raps over 50's beat from "Animal" — a dis record aimed at Murder Inc. on 50's 2050: Before the Massacre mixtape — and even plays with 50's original lines from the record.


"Most likely your CD is ... / Bunch of love songs, 100 percent pure garbage ... / You should just sell clothes and sneakers/ 'Cause out of the whole camp, your flow's the weakest ... / It'll take a lifetime to see Kiss/ You had to get shot nine times to be rich/ Rat ass n---a, you's an animal, you's a mutha------' animal."


Later on Wednesday night, Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex played "Checkmate" and also debuted a musical retaliation by Fat Joe. Rapping over an original beat, Joe accuses 50 of — among other things — taking steroids, hiding in his house and being jealous of Game.


"50, meet 50/ He's the fakest thug you ever seen," Fat Joe sings on the song, which is apparently called "My 44." "He stays locked up in the house and sh--/ Steroided up, and he won't come out that bitch/ Is it me or does 'Candy Shop' sound like 'Magic Stick'?/ In the video, this n---a 50 'bout to strip/ Shaking his ass ..."


"50's a very good comedian," Kiss said last week about "Piggy Bank" in the D-Block studios, where he previewed "Checkmate" and some other musical "treats" he has aimed at 50. "He's probably a better comedian than he is a rapper."


Kiss also hissed that 50's song was just a publicity stunt to fuel sales.


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