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Posted by Robert
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3/7/2005 3:26:44 PM

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Paramount Pictures will be releasing the Complete First Season of MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’.


Pimp my ride is hosted by hip-hop rap artist Xzibit. Xzibits’ ‘west coast gangsta image’ is shattered as he shows a more real side of himself on the show.


Pimp My Ride has developed a cult like following among those in hip-hop culture and many other genres mostly because of the other side of Xzibit and the unique individuals who run West Coast Customs.


Every episode has the hilarious antics of X and the crew at West Coast Customs as they transform vehicles that are in desperate need of help into hip-hop chariots fit for any street warrior.


If your into Pimp My Ride this is one DVD that you will want to be sure to pick up.


It willl be available in stores March 22nd.









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