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Hip-Hop News: Jadakiss & Fat Joe Respond Differently To 50
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/4/2005 10:43:07 AM

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Fat Joe and Jadakiss have both pledged to respond to 50 Cent's "Piggy Bank," but while Jada is gung-ho and ready to get it on, Joe seems like he resents having to get caught up in the craziness.

"He's not lyrical," Jadakiss said of 50 on Wednesday, sitting in the D-Block studio in Yonkers. "He makes good songs but he's not a better lyricist than me. Put all the money, the units, put everything behind us, plus the good old-fashioned lyrics and an instrumental, and I'll wear him out. You know that. The whole world knows that. I know and I'm humble."

Kiss said that deep down, even though 50 has sold way more records than him, he feels 50 is still jealous of what he has accomplished.

"I did songs with everybody — Hov, Nas, Big, Mariah — songs with people he wishes he could do songs with. He was very successful, he made a lot of money, but his success is inside of the box. He can't party with Usher, he can't drive around in a drop. It's cool to stay with your entourage and be tight with your people, but he don't got that much mingling in him and socializing. That's bringing out the anger in him. He can't call up any rapper. He's just with his crew. I know it's troubling to have everything but really have nothing."

Believe it or not, with the words that have been flying between 50 and Jada (see "Jadakiss Looking Forward To 'Airing 50 Cent's Ass Out' "), Kiss said they've only met twice for a total of maybe three minutes. Asked what would happen if Jada ever met 50 out in the street again, Kiss said he doesn't think he'll ever run into 50.

"Where am I going to see him? On the Academy Awards red carpet?" Jada opined. He also divulged that he had talked to Game on Wednesday and that the tension between Game and 50 was bubbling over way before Game refused to get involved in 50's "Piggy Bank" beefs (see "50 Cent And The Game — Doomed From The Very Beginning?").

For Kiss' part, he plans to capitalize on the notoriety of the beef while showing 50 who is lyrically superior. Fat Joe, meanwhile, is pumping his April 26 release, All or Nothing, and said he would rather be getting all eyes on him for his hit records rather than somebody calling him out (see "50 Cent's LP Pushed Up, Harsh 'Facts' Sound Like Disses On Leaked 'Piggy Bank' ").

"My job is to make hot records so people can be entertained," Joe said Wednesday. "My job is not to be in the paper affiliated with all this ruckus. That's not what I'm with. I'm into giving the kids computers. I'm into running basketball programs in the summer so they can meet their favorite NBA players.

"Basically the 'Piggy Bank' is just to create hype, to create sales for [50's] career, and I'm not with that. Yeah, this is a stunt, man. This is a promotional stunt that I don't appreciate being a part of. Fat Joe's a gangster rapper, Fat Joe's from the streets, Fat Joe the gangster, but I make my music to take you to a different place to entertain you. I'm not in it to get into battle rap."

Jada is going to start putting out his "warning shots" to 50 via mixtape dis records, but said his main response will be a song called "Shots Fired" on Styles P's Time Is Money. Joe's reply to 50 will be on All or Nothing.

For an in-depth conversation with 50 and a recap of this week's events, check out "All Eyes on 50 Cent: The Sequel" Saturday, March 5 at 3 p.m. ET on MTV.

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