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Hip-Hop News: Tyler Refused Stripping For Kanye's Video
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/2/2005 9:25:09 AM

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Former Friends star Aisha Tyler refused to wear hotpants when she starred in rapper Twista's Slow Jamz video alongside Kanye West and Jamie Foxx.
 The 34-year-old beauty was excited about appearing in the music promo, but wasn't prepared to degrade herself by becoming a hip-hop stereotype.
 She says, "My only condition was that I wouldn't be wearing hot pants. I'm not going to be bouncing around and shaking my, you know.
 "There wasn't going to be any dropping it down and backing it up. It was still fun, though."

In related news, Davey D's web site posts the following article titled “No More Groupie Luv.“

“Unless you f*** a dude on his own merits
 and not the way he dribble a ball or draw lyrics
 you’re a bitch!”
 —Jay-Z, Bitches & Sistas (2003)
 Let’s describe a certain female: For her, it’s not enough to get the CD or see the show. It’s not enough to be on the sidelines for the big game. It’s not enough to get the autograph or the photo-op. Nope, this female is a groupie; and groupies can’t even spell “enough”. Groupies want the glamorous life Sheila E. flowed about; they want to be the Mrs. Celebrity Overnight (or the wifey/jump-off, at least). They want the shopping sprees and security codes. At a bare minimum, the groupie wants to get broken off with some of that good “SD” a.k.a. Supastar D***.
 So the groupie does what groupies do: Follows the team, the artist or the actor. She goes to the show, does whatever (and whoever) it takes to get backstage. Then after the show it’s the afterparty and, after the party it’s the hotel lobby and… Next thing you know, out come the paternity tests, the lawyers, the hush money, the gossip, and tell-all interviews. The groupie has struck again.
 Now I know I’m about to catch hate from a lot of dudes for this one, but it must be said: The Groupies have got to go. There, I said it. Lemme run that back: For the good of our community and for the good of our culture, the groupies have got to go. Now why must I feel like that? Because after years of hitting shows and years of running in entertainment circles, I’ve come to a conclusion: Groupies, whether they realize it or not, are carriers of three deadly venoms: Misogyny, God Complex and Future Hoes.
 Groupies Promote Misogyny:
 The biggest problem with misogyny is that it’s always been a two-way street. For every (real) pimp, there’s a hoe voluntarily hustling for him. Now I’m not letting brothers off the hook for degrading women—particularly black women—and treating them as disposable sex objects and verbal/physical punching bags. All men (brothers in particular) need to grow up and knock that crap off. It’s not masculine; it’s soft and weak. But with that said, the sad fact is, entirely too many women, are willing participants in this ugliness.
 Whether we like it or not, we all represent a collective greater than our individual selves—a gender, a culture, a community, a family, a city, a country, an ideal, God. So when a woman does her groupie thing—randomly worships complete strangers just because they can flow or dunk, treats her vagina like a door prize, cockteases her way into material possessions, etc. she sends the message that this is what she, and by extension women are all about, or at least are willing to be all about under the right conditions. The Groupie lets men know that it’s okay to degrade and marginalize women, provided that you’ve got a mic or a ball in your hand or money in your pocket. The Groupie makes misogyny a game that everyone can and should play.
 God Complex:
 Everyone wants to be accep

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