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Hip-Hop News: Trillville Reaches Gold With 'Some Cut'
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Posted by Dave
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3/2/2005 8:40:49 AM

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Lil Jon is not only one of the most sought after producers, but he also has a very successful business sense as well. Both of his acts -- Lil Scrappy and Trillville -- have been very successful thus far, and Trillville are on track to see even more sales.
 Triville has sold more than 700,000 since it's release, and is starting to see a spike in sales of their debut album The King of Crunk & BME Recording presents Trillville & Lil Scrappy with the popularity of their latest single, "Some Cut."
 The single, which features Cutty, is currently seeing heavy rotation on BET, MTV and MTV2, as well as getting heavy burn on radio stations across the U.S. Currently, the song is #5 on the R&B/Hip Hop Billboard Airplay Monitor Chart and #7 on the Rap Billboard Monitor Chart.
 "'Some Cut' should be called The Cut, cuz every DJ is cutting this one," said Los Angeles' Power 106 DJ Felli Fel. Not only is Los Angeles DJs feelin' the song, so is other major markets. "['Some Cut'] was banging the phones off the hook everytime it played," said KKDA's Skip Cheatam out of Dallas, TX.
 Trillville, consisting of Don P., Dirty Mouth, and Lil LA, began their career in 1997 while in high school. All musically inclined (playing instruments and rapping) the members quickly became fans of each other and decided to start a group. A few years later, they were signed by the King of Crunk himself, Lil' Jon, after convincing the BME-head to come to one of their sold out shows in Atlanta.
 "I quickly recognized that they were a movement," says Lil Jon. "A voice for anarchy and rebellion."
 Trillvilles's hit debut single "Neva Eva," helped to achieve gold status on their debut album, Trillville & Lil Scrappy.
 The group is currently on a promo tour in the Midwest and the South. And have recently done interviews and performances for MTV "Direct Effect," BET "Rap City," and BET "Style." In addition, they are secured to perform on MTVU's "Spring Break '05" special, which tapes on March 10th; and BET's "Spring Break," which tapes on April 15th and 16th.

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