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Hip-Hop News: 'CB4 Gangstas' Make Rap Look Bad
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/1/2005 1:59:27 AM

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Fat Joe and Jadakiss have sent warning shots through the media to 50 Cent that they will be responding to his "Piggy Bank" dis record. One person hip-hop fans have been wondering about as well is Nas; on "Piggy Bank," 50 makes fun of Nas for tattooing a picture of his wife, Kelis, on his arm.

Of course Nas is an expert in battle rapping, so will we be hearing a song the caliber of "Ether" coming soon from the Queensbridge MC?

"I need a good opponent to go after, then it's all good," Nas said with a smile on Friday in New York (see "Fat Joe On 50 Cent's 'Piggy Bank': 'Them Steroids Is Getting To Him' "). "The game is looking terrible. It's a lot of guys out here, 'CB4' gangstas, making the rap game look bad. Fourteen-year-olds might be believing in these guys, and a lot of these guys that are here are walking train wrecks and they're miserable. I pray for the upliftment of hip-hop, so I'm working on this next album, NASDAQ Dow Jones, coming to y'all real soon."

Nas doesn't have a solid release date for the project, but hinted it may be out as early as this summer.

For a full-length feature on 50 Cent and his many beefs, check out "All Eyes On 50 Cent: The Sequel."


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