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Hip-Hop News: NYC Rally Against Racist Hot97
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
3/1/2005 1:54:41 AM

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The white executives at Emmis Broadcasting which owns Hot 97:

  1. Undermine the values and positive work of the greater Hip-Hop culture, giving a bad name to Black and Latino people and encouraging ignorance on the airwaves.
  2. Exploit and misuse Hip-Hop culture under the false pretense of doing good business, yet resurrecting nasty stereotypes about Hip-Hop music and culture.
  3. Hire Black executives like Barry Mayo, who they use as a front, but who actually defends all actions listed above and the stereotypical caricatures that are heard daily on the airwaves.
  4. Encourage their deejays to use the ‘N' word on the air.
  5. Support their deejays to disrespect women so they can get ratings.
  6. Give confidence to their on air personalities to stereotype under-represented communities like South East Asians and Asian Americans.


  • Feb 1999: Refused to talk about the murder of Amadou Diallo despite an outcry from the community
  • 2001: Called J-Lo a “rice-and-bean-eater”
  • Aug 27 th 2001: Made a tasteless joke out of Aaliyah's death 2 days after the tragedy
  • Oct 2002: DJ Funkmaster Flex physically attacked disc jockey Steph Lova over payola.
  • 2005: Called Russell Simmons a coon
  • Week of Jan 17 th 2005 : For four days, the Miss Jones In the Morning Show played a racist “parody” called “The Tsunami Song” despite public protests. They mocked the deaths of thousands of people, using racial slurs such as “ch*nk” and “chinamen.” The song also made fun of “Africans drowning” and children being sold to child slavery.
  • Jan 22ND 2005: Miss Info, a Korean-American co-host on the Miss Jones show, voiced her opposition to the song on air. Miss Jones and then co-host Todd Lynn reacted by verbally attacking her on public airwaves with hateful comments such as, “You feel superior, probably because you're Asian…” (Miss Jones) and “I'm gonna start shooting Asians” (Todd Lynn).

This rally is about bringing the true essence of the Hip-Hop culture back to the masses. We are here to call out the multibillion dollar commercialization of "Hip-Hop" and show the world that it is not what Hip-Hop culture is all about. We are here to bring accountability to the commercialization of Hip-Hop. Many of our youths do not know when, where, why and how our culture originated or what it is all about because of the rampant commercialization of "Hip-Hop". Millions of dollars are used by media conglomerates to invest into marketing "Hip-Hop" to the masses that their responsibility to the community has been lost. The heart of the Hip-Hop culture has always been the community and we feel Hot 97, the supposed place "Where Hip-Hop Lives", has lost its respect and responsibility to the community a long time ago and it is about time for the community to step forward and take it back.

It is understood that Hot 97 is just one battle in a huge struggle amongst those who use Hip-Hop negatively and those who attack our Hip-Hop community.  There are many other media outlets, many other corporations and many other s

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