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Hip-Hop News: Shawna More Than Sexy
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/28/2005 11:51:30 AM

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Hip Hop has long been very selective about who and how many females it allows to enter into its ranks of an almost all male exclusive club. If Hip Hop was a country club, there surely would have been numerous lawsuit dropped on it for not opening its doors to the numerous female mcs that have been banging on its threshold since the genre was created.
 DTP’s Shawna doesn’t see her gender as a stumbling block. “I’m not singing that song no more, hell no it isn’t hard. Mc Lyte, Salt & Pepa Lil Kim, Foxy, and Eve kicked the door in and made it easier for me. I don’t get the negativity; I usually get open arms.” She believes the industry has changed and is now expecting more from the lady rappers than a cute.
 It is not hard to see what separates Shawnna from her male counterparts, that ass. Also she is a single mother and is extremely motivated. Juggling a skyrocketing career and children can be hard for anyone, but Shawna handles it by bringing her children with her to the booth and to shows.
 Shawnna who has received a lot of attention for her assets chooses not to play it up. She doesn’t agree with a lot of the compliments and feels that it is shallow to base her life off of her looks. She admits that it would have been harder for her to get a record deal if she had been less attractive but says that is because of the way the world is presently. We can all agree that women in general in the music business have been looked at as sex objects, however Shawna says that will change when her first solo project, Worth the Weight, drops. She refuses to wear hooker wear on stage, knowing that the people in the audience will only focus on the outfit and not the lyrics. She also believes that women need to give men something more positive to look at and not wear bikini tops and some shorts that show ass in every video. “I have no beef with the guys, they are not making them do anything… These women are jumping on and disgracing themselves taking their clothes off, showing every part of their bodies that shouldn’t be seen.”
 The well-produced album features Jermaine Dupri, N.O.R.E., Twista, Missy Elliott, Kardinal Offishall, Beenie Man and of course the general of the DTP crew Ludacris.
 “Kick This One” which is a remake of MC Lyte’s classic “Kick This One For My City” shows her respect for one of the ladies that helped to open the door for her. “Shake Dat Shit” which features Luda who is hot like fire. “What cha gon' do, when you call to ya label/ And ya gotta shed a tear, cause you hear ya career's/ Been post-poned, back up/ Smart mouth bitches, get slapped up/ Take it to the trap, get clapped up/ Put it in ya brain that the female game, been wrapped up.” “R.P.M.” shows Shawnna speed up her delivery so that she can hang with Twista a fellow Chicagoan. “Block Reincarnated” sees Shawnna collaborate with Reggae artist Kardinal Offishall. The result is a definite club banger. “Couldn’t Nobody Fuck Wit It” which is Shawnna favorite song only has two verses because she couldn’t find another artist to get on it. The sad thing is you might have to wait for it to be released on a DJ CD because the label seems to have pulled it off the album. Shawnna stays away from sex lines on the album and is continuously fighting to paint a more positive image of herself. She opts to keep her clothes on and have her audience focus on her lyrics and not on what is behind her.
 Worth the Weight is a sound project that will attract DTP fans and those that are attracted to a steady flow with a helping of strong lyrics. Shawna proves that she is more than an attractive mc; she is an attractive mc that has the necessary skills she needs to stand among men and wom

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