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Hip-Hop News: DJ Sues Fabolous For $85 Mil
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/23/2005 8:56:56 AM

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Rap artist Fabolous and his entourage have been hit with an $85 million lawsuit by an American radio DJ, who claims they assaulted her after a 2004 concert.
 DJ Golden Girl, who works for Philadelphia's POWER 99 FM, alleges she was picked up and slammed to the ground by Fabolous' bodyguard in the backstage parking area of the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia after her station's annual POWERHOUSE concert.
 The DJ, real name Lisa Natson, revealed in November (04) that after she asked for a ride on the rapper's tour bus, his bodyguard "got really nasty".
 According to Natson, Fabolous watched as the incident unfolded, while a member of the rapper's posse videotaped.
 Fabolous has denied any connection to the incident and dismissed Natson's claims shortly after the altercation.
 He tells website, "I was on my tour bus and did not witness the alleged incident so I'm not aware of any details concerning the matter.
 "I never touched or did anything to Golden Girl, therefore, I am not involved and do not have anything further to say or do with that incident."


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