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Hip-Hop News: Celly Cel - It'z Real Out Here Interview
Bay area rap artist talks to RapNews.net volunteer staff member about his latest cd release.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/21/2005 5:30:27 PM

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Rap News.NET's latest volunteer staff member “Seven“ introduces himself with this interview with Celly Cel about his latest album It'z Real Out Here due to hit stores February 22nd from Real Side Records. Buy the album online at Amazon.com. Visit his official site at www.cellycel.net for more on Celly Cel.

Seven: So how did you come up with the title of your latest project?
 As far as it being real out here, just kickin it out here on these streets man, everyday its going on out here, as far as we gotta watch everything around you. People will shake your hand one minute, then stab you in the back the next. Everything it so real out here you can’t take it at face value.
 Seven: You have had albums out for about 10 years now, how have you been able to stay in the business for this long?

 As far as connecting with the fans, its like they are riding in the car with me, and they are seeing everything I’m seeing. You can read people like that, and you can give em whatever you want to, and they really feel you. You can connect with them and have them think they are sitting right there, or the song is being sung to you or someone you know. When you connect with someone like that, they will stick with you their whole lives.
 Seven: How has the game changed since you started in 1994?

 There is a lot of people trying to get into the club, and that’s cool, but its more mainstream where everyone is trying to get on the radio. Before, whatever rappers were feelin, they was rappin and rarely anyone would get in the clubs, but now you might hear 6-8 of em at any time.
 Seven: Do you have any club songs in your latest CD to sell more records?

 I’ve always done that, as far as giving something for the ladies or something to kick it at the party too. Its not like I switched on that. There was a lot of people before that wasn’t doing that, and now they are. I always try to hit it from every angle, like something people can get their groove on to and a little something for everybody so its overall well-rounded.
 Seven: You got 17 tracks on this new album?

 I got 17 blazin hot knockin tracks, back-to-back bumpin. A little something for everybody on this album.
 Seven: Who’s in on the production of this album?

 I got down with Binky Mack who did production for Ice Cube and Mack 10. I got Sam Bostic who did a lot of work for me, E-40, The Click and C-Bo. That’s pretty much it right there.
 Seven: What is the theme on this album? Is there a theme that goes throughout the album?

 Not really, I try to make each song different. I try to give each track its own identity. I don’t want the album to get boring hearing the same thing over and over.
 Seven: Is it hard to stay original like that?

 Not really, my mind is always workin. Everything I see out there, I think about incorporating it into my next song or inspire me to start writing. A lot of people think about quick money sayin “how much money am I gonna make out of this” but I got love for the music, this is my thing, I get off on this stuff. I’m always thinking of new things to talk about.
 Seven: You talk about longevity, how much longer to you wanna rap or think you will be rappin?

 I’m thinking I’m gonna give myself 5 more records including this one, and that might be a wrap. I won’t be completely out of the action, I may put myself behind the scenes and I might get into

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