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Hip-Hop News: Cormega 'Legal Hustle' Review
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/21/2005 11:04:50 AM

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Cormega, Queens’ native, returns with Legal Hustle the follow-up to the critically acclaimed The True Meaning.
 Legal Hustle, which is named after the label, is a mix-tape album. It showcases the label and has numerous collaborations with a host of artists Cormega respects. M.O.P, Ghostface, Vybz Kartel, Large Professor, Kurupt, Jayo Felony and AZ all make guest appearances. The 17-track project has some definite car bangers such Let It Go and Bring It Back a song that list various artists that have contributed to the development of Hip Hop.
 For those expecting Cormega to lace your eardrums with deep conscious lines you will have to wait for his next release. “This album is not personal and I did not try to get deep. This is just me having fun…This album I can just curse on every song...On this album I was able to take risk that I normally wouldn’t.”
 Like many other artists, Cormega has felt the effects of the Internet, both positive and negative. After doing shows, he has seen people post that they were going to purchase his album because of his performance. On the other side he has also lost money because of sites like Kazaa and IMesh. “I hate down loaders! To download and to critique some ones shit and have so much to say and not purchase is equivalent to some one robbing my house, taking my TV and complaining about its clarity. If you are a down loader don’t get on the net criticizing because you are a fucking bum!” He blames the Internet for losing some money but puts more blame on the labels, artist and the economy. “The price that people are charging for albums is ridiculous. There was time when CDs were twenty dollars. Who wants to pay that much for a CD? How many times have we been excited about a project, get it home and its straight garbage?”
 Cormega is known for his past projects, he is also known for a project that has never been released. Ego Trip’s, Book of Rap List (a must have) designates his Def Jam album as one of the best albums in the history of rap music that has never been released. “Def Jam is a piggy back label…They don’t break new artists. They sign Eric Sermon, and Redman because they are down with EPMD. They sign Method Man because he was hot from the Wu. They sign Foxy because she was down with the Firm…They signed me because I was Nas’ boy and down with the Firm…The average artist they sign, they sign because of some one else…Imagine they tell you your stuff is coming out in 2000 and you have been signed since 1996. While they got me on the shelf they are driving home to their homes in the Hamptons…When I try to buy it from them for $250,000 they then push the price to $300,000.”
 Legal Hustle is worth a trip to the store. Cormega successfully mixed a talented group of artists, radio friendly beats, old school flavor and up to date lyrics. The end result is a product that shouldn’t be slept on and one he rates a 4.5 out of 5. 

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