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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent's Neighbors
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/17/2005 10:46:41 AM

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In this Colonial-era village, where bling is restricted to a single strand of pearls and the rim-spinning Escalade is trumped by the scratched Mercedes with a faded beach sticker, everyone is buzzing about the party slated for Thursday night at the home of Curtis Jackson III.


At the Barney Library, with its garden club book collection; at Miss Porter's, the all-girls' private school where Jacqueline Onassis studied; and at the Epicure, the gourmet market with six kinds of olive oil, the talk was all party.


But no one had actually been invited. Nor has anyone in this placid Hartford suburb ever met or even seen the elusive celebrity who lives in their madras midst.


That's because Mr. Jackson, who is 28 and is better known as rap artist 50 Cent, a platinum-selling musician, restricted the invitations to rap and hip-hop world luminaries such as Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes. He also invited the 163 winners of a nationwide radio contest; they will be bused in through the wide, white gates that lead to his vast cream-and-white main house.


For the past few weeks, MTV has been shooting at the house and around town for its "MTV Cribs" program and filming the minutiae of party prep. (On Wednesday, they put a camera on a U.P.S. driver as he prepared to unload the truck.) Mr. Jackson's publicist, Yvette Gayle, said her client is expected to perform in the 3,500-square-foot party room, including songs from his new album, "The Massacre," with themes and lyrics that were cruder than the Cole Porter tunes at the clubby, downstairs bar at Apricot's, a restaurant on the Farmington River.


But it was the house and woodsy setting, not the tweedy neighbors, that drew Mr. Jackson here, Ms. Gayle said. Two years ago, he paid $4.1 million (about a quarter of the original asking price) for the house, which had been owned by Mike Tyson. The house, listed in town property records at 48,500 square feet, has 52 rooms, including 21 bedrooms and a room walled entirely in Gucci leather. It also has 39 bathrooms and 4 whirlpools.


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