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Hip-Hop News: 'West Coast Resurrection' by JT The Bigga Figga
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/16/2005 3:08:47 PM

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Rap artist JT The Bigga Figga's Get Low Records announces the upcoming release of The Game's 'West Coast Resurrection' on March 29, 2005.
The album features previously unreleased material recorded in the bay area with JT The Bigga Figga.
JT the artist-CEO traveled from his Bay Area base to attend a hip-hop conference featuring Russell Simmons and Minister Louis Farrakhan and was inspired by some of the personal and professional lessons he learned at the event. But JT was most impressed by an up-and-coming rap artist he met there. The rapper's name: The Game.
"He caught my attention," JT recalls of the superstar rapper now signed to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment. "His style was not like a normal West Coast style. It was more like an East Coast style with a West Coast look and West Coast lyrics. He sounded like a bunch of famous people. I knew if the right amount of money was behind him that he would definitely become a star. I told him I could bring him to the Bay and go ahead and knock out an album -- really as much material as possible. I told him, 'All I want claim to is the songs that me and you do. Whatever you do on your own after that, it's on you. Get your money, cousin.'"
 As they say, game recognize game, so The Game agreed to JT's terms and recorded approximately 30 songs with JT. Some of those songs are featured on The Game's 'West Coast Resurrection'.
 Fans of The Game's major label debut, 2005's platinum-plus 'The Documentary', will be able to trace the Compton rapper's evolution with 'West Coast Resurrection'. "You can hear early stages of The Game," JT explains. "You can hear a little bit of his development all the way through the album. You can hear the youngness in his voice, but you can still hear the hunger and still see the style."
 The first song The Game and JT recorded together was "The Streetz of Compton," a stellar remake of DJ Quik's classic "Born and Raised in Compton." Another one of their early recordings was "Blacksox," a thumping song that also features JT and Bluechip.
 "When you listen to that particular track, that's him finding his identity and it stands out because it's the rookie card," JT says of "Blacksox." "It represents The Game's essence coming into this rap game. That is the resurrection of the West Coast, because he's the shining star of the West and everybody's taking their hat off to him for the West."
 Now, with The Game's 'West Coast Resurrection' ready to hit the streets, JT The Bigga Figga has positioned himself as an artist and executive with a keen ear for emerging talent.
 "I want to be known as the guy that you can come to when you want to get your jumpstart," JT says. "If you're dope, let's throw it out there and see what we can do."
 The Game did it. Who's next?
 'West Coast Resurrection' in stores March 29,2005
 1. Intro / feat JT
 2. The Streetz of Compton / feat JT
 3. Blacksox / feat JT & Bluechip
 4. Krush Groove / JT & Get Low East
 5. Troublesome
 6. Rookie Card / feat JT
 7. Promised Land
 8. Gutta Boyz / feat Sean T
 9. Put It In the Air / feat Sky Balla
 10. Desparados / feat JT
 11. 100 Barz and Gunnin
 12. Work Hard / feat JT & Get Low East
 13. Untold Story / feat JT
 14. Outro / feat JT

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