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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
2/15/2005 8:21:44 AM

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"Hate it or love it, the underdog's on top," rap artist Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent) declares on The Game's new album, The Documentary. Since 2003's release of his Shady/Aftermath debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', 50 Cent's name has been synonymous with success. After a multi-platinum solo effort, he banded his G-Unit troops together and utilized a divide-and-conquer technique to take over rap, releasing the group album Beg For Mercy and continuing with consistently solid solo efforts. All the while, 50 made sure that his presence was felt in more than just music, landing clothing deals with Ecko and Reebok, and more recently, an endorsement deal with a vitamin water company.
 Unfortunately, for haters and chart-toppers alike, 50's not done yet. With two new videos -- "Candy Shop" in the afternoon, and "Disco Inferno" in the after hours -- in rotation, an autobiographical movie in the works, and a solo album hitting stores next month, he plans to continue his tenure of world domination. In an interview with, 50 Cent talks updates and upgrades in his G-Unit roster, conscious hip-hop, and his new album. What's been going on man?
 50 Cent: Chillin man, doing good. I'm on a promo tour now, so I'm moving around, getting everybody ready for my new album. I'm excited about that, the new album is serious. By many, you're considered the King of New York. A few years ago, you had gotten shot and left the hospital without a deal; what do you think were the main factors in your own behavior and strategy that got you here today?
 50 Cent: Just being consistent. When I was shot and dropped off of Columbia Records, there were was definitely a point where nobody thought that I was going get another shot. New York City music is kind of based in New York, all of the major companies have office space, representation and employees that you can go meet to play your records. Me being from New York, and having the buzz that I had in the underground, and not being seriously considered [for a record deal], it all came from my reputation in the street. I had a little aura around me from activity in the actual hood that made labels afraid to do business with me, especially after I got shot. It's a better investment for a company to invest in a studio gangsta, or someone who's just making up those harsh realities, than it is for them to business with someone who is actually from that environment. All right, I want to talk about some of your newest G-Unit inductees. First, tell me about Olivia; how you found her, what made you sign her, etc.?
 50 Cent: Olivia was actually signed to Interscope Records. They played me her music, and I met with her, and she had the same management, she works with Violator. Once I heard the music, she showed more vocal ability than I thought she had at that point, and I was excited about the project. She's still low-maintenance, because she wasn't getting diva treatment at J Records...she was there first. Her experience at J Records was kind of parallel to my experience at Columbia, so I could understand it. I thought it would be a cool way to diversify the perception of the brand G-Unit, by doing music away from aggressive rap music. Banks, Buck, Yayo, myself, we all write music that reflects the harsh realities. Her music is a really different project that I've been focused on for a while now, about seven months. I feel like it's a really good album, you can expect it to hit the streets in May. We call her the first lady of G-Unit
 It just was a better situation for me. I could've got other female artists that were involved with Interscope Records. Maybe a Mya, or somebody else, but they had already experienced being out as an artist, and had received treatment that would make them higher maintenance for me.

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