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Hip-Hop News: Master P on His Arrest
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/3/2005 3:00:00 PM

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On the eve of the release of The Truth (a new album from super-group TRU― the No Limit clique that put New Orleans on the map), New No Limit C.E.O. Master P and his brother, rap artist Silkk The Shocker, were arrested in Los Angeles for gun possession.

Speaking out for the first time, Master P says, "Black man with gun, white cop panic. I'm a businessman.  If the cops stopped panicking for one minute, they would've realized that the guns were registered, and that is legal in America."

"What did they expect me to be carrying?  A can of Mace?  If you really want the real story, pick up The Truth on February 22nd, and my upcoming solo record, The Ghetto Bill Gates."

"Everybody knows we from the ghetto, so hopefully this will be the last time a story is made of this minor incident.  It's a different
way of life for a person of color with money than it is for others with money."

Master P will be holding a press conference next week to speak about the arrest. 

More information to follow as it becomes available.



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