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Hip-Hop News: P Miller and Brother Arrested
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
2/1/2005 2:25:50 PM

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Rap artist Master P (real name: Percy Miller) and his brother Vyshonn (rap name: Silkk the Shocker) were busted last Thursday in Los Angeles when cops discovered two handguns in a car carrying the siblings.


According to a police spokesperson, the auto, driving adjacent to the UCLA campus, was pulled over because it had no license plates.


 During the 11:40 PM traffic stop, officers found two loaded gats in the leased Chrysler 300 and arrested the Millers (Vyshonn, 29, was driving, while Percy, 37, was in the front passenger seat).


Cops saw one gun near the driver's seat and the other weapon was stashed beneath the passenger seat. Two other passengers were not charged.


Hit with felony weapons possession counts, the rappers were each released on $35,000 bond after spending a few hours in the custody of the L.A. Sheriff's Department.





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