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Hip-Hop News: VH1 and Black History Month
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Posted by Robert
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1/24/2005 1:55:52 PM

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VH1 explores and celebrates the achievements and advancements of African-Americans during the month of February with an array of original documentaries and specials including "Ego Trip's Race-O-Rama," "Black In The 80s," "Driven: Nas," "The Fabulous of Lil' Jon" and the network premiere of "8 Mile."

Ego Trip's Race-O-Rama February 21-23 @ 9 PM*


Ready, Set Go!. Once again, Ego Trip and VH1 gives viewers an irreverent look at race in pop culture. As a follow-up to TV's Illest Minority Moments, Race-O-Rama goes one step further, asking questions that very few people have had the nerve to ask before like "why do people date interracially?" "what are some of the extremes white people go to for acceptance in black culture? and "why do some people get nervous when there's more than one black person around?" "Ego Trip's Race-O-Rama" is executive produced by Michael Hirschorn and Jim Ackerman


Hour One: Dude, Where's My Ghetto Pass? - Premieres 2/21 - Explores white people's obsession with all things black.


Hour Two: Blackaphobia! -- Premieres 2/22 - Asks how much longer can black people be stereotyped as the toughest, most intimidating minority in America?


Hour Three: In Race We Lust -- Premieres 2/23 - Looks at the world of interracial dating, love, and offspring.


Black in the 80s -- February 1-3 @ 9 PM*


A three-part documentary series that takes viewers on a historical journey into the roles African-Americans played in shaping in changing the landscape of American popular culture. "Black in the '80s" is executive produced by Meredith Ross.


     *All times are ET/PT.


Hour One: C

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