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Hip-Hop News: The Truth is Coming Feb. 22nd
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Posted by Robert
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1/19/2005 5:05:13 PM

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Continuing its successful partnership, KOCH Records and New No Limit Records announce the release of the long-awaited new album by New No Limit superstars, TRU. The new album, "The Truth," streets on February 22nd.


TRU became the most popular act on No Limit with their 1995 debut album, "True"; it sold over 500,000 copies with little promotion or airplay, and helped establish No Limit as an underground hip-hop force to be reckoned with.


TRU released its second album, "Tru 2 da Game," early in 1997. Shortly afterward, No Limit exploded, making rap artist Master P into a superstar. Given his many duties at the label, along with his forays into filmmaking, basketball, and sports management, plus the burgeoning solo careers of Silkk and C-Murder, it wasn't a surprise that it took Tru two years to produce its third album, "Da Crime Family" which quickly shipped platinum once again for the super-group.


After a 6 year (!) hiatus and a myriad of giant solo albums from Master P, TRU is finally back to reclaim what's theirs on "The Truth," their official New No Limit/KOCH Records debut. It features the explosive club anthems that the group is known for, including the first single "Where U From." "Where U From" debuted on January 14th on B.E.T.'s 106 & Park and went for adds the week of January 18th where it was among the most added songs at Urban Radio.


"The Truth" is also set to feature a sneak peak into C-Murder's forthcoming album, "The Truest S*** I Ever Spoke."


Along with the exciting news of a new C-Murder album, 2005 promises to be a packed year for No Limit fans as this is the 1st in a series of albums from the Master P camp. To follow will be "The Ghetto Bill Gates" from Master P in April which will later be followed by a new 504 Boyz album.




1.  Where U From (feat. Master P, Halleluyah, Silkk The Shocker)

2.  Photo Book (feat. Silkk The

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