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Hip-Hop News: A Look at Life After Death Row
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/17/2005 3:27:43 PM

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When an artist and his record company part ways there is always sadness to some extent; that was what I felt when Crooked I first left Death Row Records. I did not understand the why’s and all the ‘business’ involved, I just looked at Crooked I as a ‘Row’ artist. To me he was just associated with The Row and when I thought of him I would automatically think Death Row Records.


Thanks to the great team that he has working for him at ARPR Marketing, I was given the opportunity to view the DVD trailer for Crooked I’s upcoming ‘Life After Death Row’ DVD. Unlike a lot of Crooked I’s past projects, what makes this one really stand out is that we will actually get to see it. It will not be on a shelf with all his fans sitting waiting for it to drop.


Crooked I is now signed with Universal Records and has many projects planned. Along with the DVD, a new album ‘Momma’s Boy…Gotta Loaded Gun‘ is also in the works.


Crooked I hails from Long Beach Ca., and after living almost everywhere in the U.S., he still claims Long Beach as home.


Many feel that if breath is to be put back into west coast rap scene then Crooked I is the go to man for the feat.


He is not only the CEO/Owner of his own record label; he has worked with the very finest artist’s in rap and hip-hop.


Being tied to names like Tupac Shakur; who Crooked I produced a few songs for, to writing songs for Lisa Left Eye and Kurupt, Crooked I is not new to the music game at all. Ashanti, E-40, Method Man, Rza are just a few who have been ‘touched’ by Crooked I’s ability and genius. Since he first signed with Virgin Records at the age of 17, Crooked I has made all that have crossed his path sit up and notice his skills.


Having a strong fan base is one thing that Crooked I can always depend on. And with his new team of people, who a

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