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Hip-Hop News: Mr. Johnson Says He Was Paid
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Posted by Robert
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1/17/2005 12:35:53 PM

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The New York Post and some unscrupulous web sites are already starting to condemn hip- hop rap icon Marion ‘Suge’ Knight for a statement supposedly made by Jimmy James Johnson, the 26 yr.old man who started the ‘brawl’ at the Vibe Music Awards in November.


Mr. Johnson’s ‘statement’ was given to the Post thru a ‘source’. The article in the Post says that Mr. Johnson “told cops that rap icon Marion "Suge" Knight paid him to sucker-punch Dr. Dre in a bid to embarrass the famous producer,”


Mr. Johnson is a ‘three strike offender’ and faces life in prison over this attack, the article also says. So it is hard to know if this is for real or a person trying to get a little more than his fifteen minutes of fame.


Also in the ‘statement’ it is said “Johnson has told police he attended the Vibe Awards with Knight's entourage…”. Marion ‘Suge’ Knight was there with Petey Pablo as his guest ,(he is Petey Pablo's manager); so if there was an entourage it would have been Petey Pablo’s. He was the invited guest that the others (Suge Knight included ) were with.


David Chesnoff, Marion ‘Suge’ Knight’s lawyer, flatly rejected any suggestions that his client wanted Dr. Dre punched out.


When asked about the ‘statement’ by Mr.Johnson , David Chesnoff said "There is absolutely no truth to it. I am so confident that there is no issue." Mr. Chesnoff added that investigators have not even asked to interview his client Marion ‘Suge’ Knight.


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