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Hip-Hop News: Kelis and Nas Wed
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Posted by Robert
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1/10/2005 3:24:51 PM

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According to sources with, over at Nas' label Sony, Nas and singer Kelis were married over the weekend in a discrete ceremony in Atlanta.

While the details are sketchy, the pair of hip-hop artist got engaged on Christmas Eve 2002 and have kept the public wondering when they would formally jump the broom up until now.

Nas has revealed on a number of occasions to that his relationship with Kelis was love at first sight and that he told her he’d marry her someday at that first encounter.

With a relationship that's as much a meeting of the minds as bodies, Nas and Kelis have collaborated and inspired each other a number of times in song. On “Popular Thug,” Nas rapped “I hit Kelis with a cushion cut engagement ring/ We done, that's it.” On his current album, Street’s Disciple Nas chronicled a fictitious wedding in “Getting Married,” where he raps, “Everybody starin' at you, I'm at the alter, standing/ Heart pounding out my chest like a cannon/ I'm happy, one of my groomsmen under the music says, "Don't do it"/ But they just joking, [on] some crew s**t.”

According to the source their actual wedding was filled only “close friends and family.” Nas’s Braveheart brother Jungle was the best man and his father/ jazz great Olu Dara was present as well.. However could not independently confirm that Nas and Kelis' were married over the weekend.

The honeymoon apparently won’t be too long as Nas is slated to start Street’s Disciple later this month. 

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