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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
1/7/2005 7:34:13 AM

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Cedric Muhammad a columnist at Black has a great article on their site. It deals with several aspects of Hip-Hop culture and the ‘debates’ within the hip hop community.


There are a wide range of topics covered from Karl Marx, rappers the Wu Tang Klan, rap artist Jay-Z and rap record mogul Suge Knight.


This insightful well written article needs to be looked at and understood by the entire hip-hop community. Cedric Muhammad has a way of writing that draws you into his topic and makes you eagar to hear his next point.


Here is an excerpt from his article. This is part of the view on Suge Knight expressed by Cedric Muhammad. Hopefully this will get you interested enough to go to the Black Electorate site ( HERE) and read the full article and do follow up reading to try to understand some of the points that are laid out in this article.


Here is part of the ‘view’ on Suge Knight –


Suge Knight.

How is owning one's master recordings anything but revolutionary? I really don't understand this one. And let's be honest, isn't it a little bit disingenuous for people to be murmuring and complaining about Suge's bullying tactics in Hip-Hop? Name your favorite conscious artist. I listened to the albums of two "conscious" Hip-Hop artists this week, in my travels, and both of them were advocating violence, even against other artists to preserve the culture and to obtain what is rightfully theirs. It is interesting that many in the Hip-Hop community who romanticize with the 1960s are so quick to embrace groups that bore arms and advocated violence in limited cases, even against their own people (always conveniently deemed sell outs or Uncle Toms)for proactive reasons but are so shook up over Suge Knight's rumored roughing up of individuals. But the most important point we think should be made is that Suge isn't getting the ownership of master recordings by pimping artists, he is get

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