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Hip-Hop News: Snoop Dogg, Top Dog in Atlantic City
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
1/6/2005 7:54:05 PM

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On Sunday, January 2, over 1,800 fans waited two hours for rapper Snoop Dogg to appear on the stage at Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. 

The two-hour delay delayed the start of the first Hip Hop concert ever in a casino in the twenty-five year history of an Atlantic City casino. 

Resorts Casino, that is known for promoting more mainstream/traditional acts that appeal to a broader audience, attempted to increase their presence in the entertainment market by bringing in Snoop.  Many promoters and people in the entertainment business in the Atlantic City area were stunned when Resorts announced Snoop would perform. 

The concert that was to start at 8 p.m. was delayed for unknown reasons.  For two hours DJ Do It All, a local DJ provided a mixture of old and new school songs.  Numerous people in attendance stated that if it was not for his performance that they would have been very dissatisfied with the unexplained delay. 

Around 10 p.m. after numerous announcements regarding Snoops arrival, the stage area was hit with a barrage of lights signaling his arrival.  Snoop dressed in a green sweat suit appeared on the stage to a barrage of cheers.  Many forgot about their hurt feet and tried to secure a better vantage point of the stage as Snoop began to excite the crowd. 

Snoop made people forget they were in the casino and turned the show room into a giant house party. Daz Dillenger, his uncle June Bug and the world famous Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan accompanied him while the band ripped behind him and provided the perfect backdrop for the 32-year-old rapper. 

As he commanded people to raise their hands in the air he took the crowd on a ride of Snoop classics such as “Lodi Dodi” and “Ain't No Fun” from his 1993 release “Doggstyle”.  The classics were brought to life by the five-man band and DJ.  Bass-heavy beats filled the air and caused the floor to vibrate, at times it seemed that the sound system would not be able to handle the music.  

As Snoop moved through his catalog of songs, fans continued to sway their hands and obey his instructions.  Before performing “Gin and Juice,” he turned his back to the crowd and took a quick hit.  He had the crowd hold their hand in the air as if they had a glass of gin.  During the hour-long concert, Snoop spent most of his time covering the classics that have made him a mainstay in the music business.  From his newest CD, Snoop performed the former No. 1 single "Drop It Like It's Hot" and “Let’s Get Blown”.

A charismatic Snoop was able to work the audience from start to finish.  His performance gave many who have stayed away from Hip Hop a chance to see what the youth have been drawn to for the past twenty years.   

An insider stated that Resorts, which has one of the oldest groups of patrons, brought in Snoop in an attempt to bring new blood into their casino.

Although casinos have reached out to urban acts in the past such

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