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Hip-Hop News: AP Talks to Nas
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Posted by Robert
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1/4/2005 1:44:49 PM

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The first word uttered on Nas' new double album, "Street's Disciple," is "peace." On this, his seventh studio album, Nas has become the mature voice of the hip-hop generation. While Jay Z's lyrical exploits are fading to black and P. Diddy is still partying, Nas is giving his version of today's reality. The 19-year-old that emerged in 1993, like Young Arthur pulling Excalibur from the stone, is now the cornerstone of the new social consciousness fighting to emerge in hip-hop circa 2005.


But while Russell Simmons spearheads the Rap the Vote campaign and P. Diddy demands that you Vote or Die, Nas marches along the lines of Malcolm X preaching self-help, improved education and community renewal. He sat down with The Associated Press to discuss God, politics and the future of his music.


AP: What's the meaning of your album artwork, which shows you playing every part in the Last Supper?


Nas: The concept was developed by (producer) Salaam Remi and myself, it represents all the sides of me as a street warrior.


AP: What was your main religious influence, your denomination growing up?


Nas: I was surrounded by Christians ... my grandmothers, all my family was from the South, Baptist. As I got older I got into the 5 Percent Nation, and then that pushed me toward Islam. But (I'm not any) religion.


AP: Would you consider yourself agnostic?


Nas: I consider myself (pauses) I know there's a higher power.


AP: The sequence of your new double album is almost like the New Testament with 27 chapters. Your album has 27 songs. Coincidence?


Nas: I'm a storyteller and the Bible is a bunch of st

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