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Hip-Hop News: Luda To Scheme and Plot
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Posted by Robert
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1/4/2005 7:57:59 AM

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Rapper Ludacris has his mojo intact and is getting ready to "scheme, scheme" and "plot, plot" a couple of weeks from now in Los Angeles. According to his camp, Cris will be up to no good in his next video, which is a split clip of "Number One Spot" and "Potion."


Tentatively scheduled to go into production from January 14 to the 16, Cris' latest tube endeavor will be a sendup of the "Austin Powers" series with Luda said to be parodying a few of the villains who gave Hollywood's favorite man of leisure headaches.


Hip-hop's mouth of the South has even reached out to "Austin Powers" stars Mike Myers and Verne Troyer to participate in the production.


One man Luda does have locked in to appear is Quincy Jones. The legendary producer's "Soul Bossa Nova" is sampled for "Number One Spot." Cris wrote the record for anybody who's been dozing off on his mic skills. For the record, he says all MCs should believe that they're the preeminent spokesperson on the mic, so yes, he does feel he's the best rapper in the game right now.


"But if anyone else doesn't think that, then I'm coming for that 'Number One Spot,' " he further explained of the song in November. "I'm just going out there to gain the #1 spot in all areas, that's what I'm about."


As for "Potion," Cris said he couldn't wait to get back in the studio with Timbaland, who didn't get a chance to work on his last LP, Chicken-N-Beer.


"I always love working with Timbaland. I think me and him vibe really, really well," Luda said. "As soon as I hear his beats, they just automatically motivate me, because he strives to be different with the beats and I strive to do something different with the rhythms. I think that's like the perfect marriage right there."


"Number One Spot" and "Potion" will be co-directed by Cris' manager and business partner, Chaka Zulu, and the Fat Cats.

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