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Hip-Hop News: Ludacris on 'Get Back'
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Posted by Robert
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12/30/2004 4:25:25 PM

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Ludacris is no stranger to doing the unusual in his videos especially if it means going so far as to clown himself.  With Luda nothing is sacred, not him, not his crew, nothing. In his video for “Stand Up,” Ludacris rocked a ridiculously big afro while his head was super imposed on an infant. Also, who could ever forget the giant sneaker he wore, stomping in the club, as plaster and people fell from above. Not doubt, Ludacris’ outrageous antics compliment his lyrical rap skills perfectly.


“Get Back,” his latest, puts him on an anger venting spree around the city that sparks after he's approached in the bathroom by a goofy character looking to manage him-- at the urinal. Once the guy removes his hands from himself and puts them on Ludacris, the grits hit the fan and Luda pummels him relentlessly with a pair of Popeye size arms and fists. He then makes way outside with an entourage of plus-size women knocking people in all directions that try to approach him. Just to add to the absurdity, Ludacris points and screams at a woman’s poor choice in footwear yelling at the woman’s animal print boots to “Get back, you don’t know me like that!”


Directed by Spike Jones -- respected music video and film director -- the “Get Back” video was a collaboration of the two. “The concept came from me,” Ludacris said in and interview with “With all of my videos, I sit down with the director and I give them my ideas because I’m the one writing the songs. They kind of gel with me with their ideas so it’s collaboration with the directors and myself. That’s how we came out with the “Get Back” video with the big arms and all that. I just want to go left when everybody’s going right.”


That’s just the direction “Get Back” went in on one of the video’s most hilarious moments. The all-female hit squad in their efforts to keep anyone from violating Luda’s personal space toss would be harassers into orbit. “That was my crew,” he explained. “They were getting real mean, real extra. The whole video was exaggerated and the term “Get Back” is like getting people out your way, they were [actually] throwing people out the way.”


But does Ludacris really have urges to elbow everyo

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