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Hip-Hop News: Lil Jon 'Hates' Usher
"Lil' Jon seriously hates Usher," says an insider.
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/29/2004 10:10:04 PM

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Crunk rap artist Lil' Jon teamed with Usher on one of the biggest hits of 2004, "Yeah," but these days the undisputed "King of Crunk" can't stand the superstar singer. "Lil' Jon seriously hates Usher," says our insider.

"He feels like he was responsible for the success of 'Yeah,' which he was. He produced the song and sang on it. He likes to mock Usher by saying his name in a little high voice and calls him 'Baby Usher.' " Still, Usher makes a cameo on Lil' Jon's new album, "Crunk Juice" (which happens to be the name of Jon's new energy drink), along with Ice Cube, Nas, Ludacris and hard-core rasta-punk legends Bad Brains.

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