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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/29/2004 9:02:45 AM

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Rapper 50 Cent did an interview with one of Hip Hops most famous DJ’s Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 last Wednesday. Contrary to reports that 50 just dropped by the studio, the interview was set up the day before. Was that the only thing that was set up the before the interview?


It’s been two years since the world has heard from 50. Well, solo project wise that is because we have heard plenty of him since then. Whether it be guest spots on songs or on mix-tapes calling names as usual. 50’s new solo project St. Valentines Day Massacre was scheduled to be released the day after Valentines, which made the title fitting. Not long after the interview with Flex, that date was changed to March 8th.


Very early in the interview Flex stresses that he is not going to play the song Piggy Back saying “The song we don’t have it to play tonight, we’re not playing it tonight. We’re just talking about it because I asked 50 about it.” The new song or “thought” like Flex called it many times in the interview is said to be another infamous 50 attack. But this time he isn’t just going at the likes of Ja Rule but he is calling names of many heavy hitters in today’s Hip Hop world. People named in the track are said to be Fat Joe, Jada, Nas & Kelis. They seem to be the one’s most talked about. Who knows who else may be mentioned on the track? Some may now even speculate that Flex may get his as well for turning his back on 50 when he decided not to play the track later on that night.


Near the end of the interview Flex came on with the surprise and said “I did lie about something, I do have the song and I think I’m gonna play it in a little while.” Only to lead the listeners on long enough to piss them off when he didn’t. Flex told listeners that it was a personal decision on his part not to play the record. He said if he says he wants non-violence in hip-hop, then he has to practice what he preaches and 50's track was the kind of record that can start some things. Flex closed the situation by saying, "I'm never going to play this record."

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