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Hip-Hop News: 50 Cent's "Piggyback" Gets No Play
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
12/23/2004 1:45:44 PM

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On Tuesday night (December 21), 50 Cent stopped off at New York City's Hot 97 radio station to rap a bit with famed DJ, Funk Master Flex. During his time with Flex, 50 talked about everything from his new album The Valentine's Day Massacre, the brief situation with a Nigerian rapper on an airplane, the love he has for cars and his overall bewilderment over Fat Joe and Jadakiss’ alignment with his rival Ja Rule for the "New York" record/video. Furthermore, 50 seemed to be confused at how Jadakiss could make a record with Ja Rule, even though Jada's label partner DMX had problems with Ja in the past and the fact that Fat Joe was blatantly supporting Ja Rule's last album (which predominantly attacked 50), Blood In My Eye.

In addition, the G-Unit leader presented Flex with an exclusive record entitled "Piggyback," in which 50 addresses some famous MCs. Consequently, after 50 left Hot 97's studios, Flex repeatedly told listeners, "I have a new 50 record that I'm going to play in a while." An hour passed by and fans still didn't hear Flex blast off the record. But yet Flex kept promising it.

Then another hour passed and still no record played. As fans scrambled to the phone lines to request the record, Flex finally told listeners - with only minutes remaining before the close of his show - that he was not going to play 50's record, as he had a change of heart.

Obviously fans that were craving the record were left to wonder why Flex left them hanging. And well, they received their answer Wednesday night (December 22), as Flex told listeners that it was a personal decision on his part not to play the record. He said if he says he wants non-violence in hip-hop, then he has to practice what he preaches and 50's track was the kind of record that can start some things. Flex closed the situation by saying, "I'm never going to play this record."

For your information though, here's what's known about 50's "Piggyback" cut: The record mentions Fat Joe, Jadakiss and get this... Kelis. That's right, 50 told Flex that a reference is made to Kelis essentially because she is guilty by association. That stems from the verbal jab that Nas (Kelis's fiancé) threw at 50 during the intro of his Central Park concert in NYC this past summer. Furthermore, we do know that 50 is currently debating whether or not to add this record to his album.

However, just by the preliminary noise and the fact that Flex decided not to spin this record because of its possible potential, if this cut does indeed make the album, there are bound to be words exchanged between some hip-hop heavyweights. What happens next with this record remains to be seen...

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