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Mack 10
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
12/3/2004 5:23:14 PM

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We all remember the pictures of hip hop’s greatest rap icon Tupac Shakur with his T H U G  L I F E  hat,and other clothing. Well they are finally back on the web and stronger than ever.


After some brief down time ThugLifeClothing is back on line. And the new site has many features that will keep the ‘thugz’ interested.


An on line catalog filled with everything from Tee’s to Jersey’s to hat’s; if ya want T H U G  L I F E clothing come get it.


Many artist ‘rep’ for T H U G  L I F E clothing but the one you will see most of on the site is ThugLifeClothing model Mack Dime. Part of the west coast group ‘Westside Connection’ Mack Dime has earned the right as a west coast veteran MC. His style and flair make him a great ‘Up Front’ man for ThugLifeClothing. When you think ‘thug life’ Mack would be one who comes to mind; so it only makes good sense he is there.


Not only successful as a member of Westside Connection; Mack Dime also enjoys a solo career that is built on a solid ever growing fan base. Known not only in the circles of underground hip-hop, Mack Dime has become a major playa in the west coast rap scene. Being confident in himself makes Mack Dime a perfect ‘model’ for the clothing line, which to shows it’s confidence and its awareness to what is going on in the hip-hop community with this revamped web site.


Although not fully up most of the site is complete and should be fully complete soon.


In the past we have seen many rap artist representing Thug Life Clothing, some are Samir, MC Eiht, Mack 10, and The Outlawz.


Mack 10. Other items you may find on Mack 10 include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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Mack 10
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