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Hip-Hop News: Vibe Speaks on Awards Show
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Posted by Robert
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11/27/2004 9:20:54 AM

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Kenard Gibbs president of Vibe Magazine says the violent altercation at the publication's awards show this year won't prevent it from holding the event in 2005.

"We're doing the awards show next year," Gibbs says. "If we don't, it will be counter to all the things we have been able to do with the brand and the culture."

Since the fracas that interrupted the taping of Vibe's awards show Nov. 15, hip hop G-Unit member rapper Young Buck -- who allegedly stabbed the man who hit Dr. Dre -- is out on bail after turning himself in to authorities.

Calling such violence "sickening," Gibbs says we have to ponder the hip-hop culture's mentality. "Violence has unfortunately been associated with hip-hop since its beginnings."

Gibbs also wonders what negative effects the Vibe altercation, as well as a recent brawl at an Indiana Pacers-Detroit Pistons game, may have on the marketing strides black artists and athletes have made and on the participation of hip-hop acts in other shows.

"There's a common theme to all this," Gibbs adds. "Young black males gone wild. Taking street mentality to resolve conflict and bringing it into entertainment and sports has gone unchecked. All of us within the culture have to look at this and develop some means of accountability."

Vibe's January issue will examine not only the awards-night incident but attitudes within hip-hop culture that may bear some responsibility.

"This is paramount in terms of understanding what allows things to get to that point," Gibbs says. "That night took from the whole spirit of what the show is about: the best in urban music. We still have faith in the culture. We will rise above and endure."

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