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Hip-Hop News: The Attacks on Suge Knight
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/17/2004 7:55:36 AM

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The Vibe Awards incident has shaken many in rap and hip-hop. But the biggest tragedy of that night was the blatant attacks against Suge Knight.


What ‘shakes’ me is the reporting that went on, and the rumors that were fueled towards one successful black businessman.


First reports had Suge Knight throwing chairs and grabbing the mic at the awards show after the melee broke out. All indications were that this was a Death Row attack toward Dr. Dre; with Suge Knight involved somehow.


from MTV has changed his stories several times. The reports of Suge ‘throwing chairs’ and ‘grabbing the mic’ to hurl insults at G-Unit apparently wiped from the record. Were these reporters even at this award ceremony?


Here is a post ( just one of hundreds ) from Google News that is on ( HERE ); 2days after the incident and 1 day after everyone knows that a G-Unit member is wanted in connection to the stabbing:


” The latest feud was started by long-standing rap criminal, Suge Knight.

Knight - real first name Marion -kicked things off by shouting "F-ck the G-Unit" from the stage. Later, Dr. Dre, who was receiving a lifetime achievement awards from Quincy Jones and Snoop Dogg, was punched in the face while at his seat in the front row. With bodyguards leaping in, a Simpsons-style brawl soon followed in which a 26-year-old man was stabbed.

There has been a history of violence between Knight’s Death Row Records camp and Dre’s Aftermath collective since Dre fell out with Knight and left Death Row. Dre took out an injunction against Knight when he was released from a five year jail term for assault back in 2001.“


When Suge is in a room or near by and anything happens, of course all eyez are on Suge. This is pure hate towards Suge Knight.


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