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Hip-Hop News: Ludacris Stays True
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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
11/12/2004 3:58:19 PM

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Rapper Ludacris has slammed artists who forget their backgrounds and has vowed to keep writing about his adolescent struggles.

The “What's you fantasy?” artist, real name Chris Bridges, claims growing up in 1980s Atlanta, Georgia, has had a lasting influence on his music.

He tells a music website, "I know as time goes on you notice your favourite artist seem to care less and less about lyrics. Their music becomes more sugar-coated and its almost like what happened to this person, they were so good, and now they are like real bulls**t.

"I never want to be that person and I try hard not be that individual.

"For me battling at lunch in high school and middle school is where it all began so, even though music changes and you have to change with the time, I would never change myself. So that aspect of lyricism would never leave me as an individual."

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