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Hip-Hop News: Redman's On a High
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/10/2004 8:09:04 AM

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       “First of all, Romania don’t have any herb,” explains Redman, who spent some time in the Eastern European country while on the set of his latest movie, “Seed of Chucky,” in theaters Friday. The New Jersey rapper said he was forced to spend his first week trying to survive without his vital cannabis crutch.   

       “They might get a package of chronic through there like three times a year,” he continues.  “They’re hash all day; cigarettes and hash. They got a little bit of weed, but it is not [close by]. But the hash was good.” 
       Soon, a miracle encounter would happen for the jonesing MC. He ran into a friend of a friend from the States named Tom, who works in Romania and goes back and forth to Amsterdam - where marijuana happens to be legal. 
       “I said, ‘Listen, Tom, I’ma be f**kin with you every night’, said Redman. “‘I’ma be coming over your house and smokin’ up all your s**t.’ I told him, just like that. I need to smoke, and I can’t find no chronic out here.” 
       Redman may not have been the only one smoking on the “Seed of Chucky” set. In fact, the premise, from the franchise creator and first-time director Don Mancini, seems to have been birthed from an acid trip. 
        The fifth film of the killer-doll series stars actress Jennifer Tilly as both herself, and as the returning voice of Chucky’s homicidal wife Tiffany, who starred in 1998’s “Bride of Chucky.” This time around, a long-lost androgynous son, Glen, comes to the Hollywood set of a movie detailing his parents’ murder spree. After bringing them back to life, Tiffany is pleased to discover that her favorite actress, Tilly, will play her in a movie; but soon Tiff’s biological clock starts ticking, and Tilly’s womb is looking like the perfect surrogate home for Chucky’s seed.  
       Redman, playing himself, stars as a rapper-turned-director casting a Biblical epic that Tilly is determined to headline…even if it means sleeping with the director.
       “We had to make out so many times,” laughs Tilly.  “I mean they filmed so many angles. When I read ‘makeout’ [in the script], I was like, ‘Oh, she gives him a kiss,’ and you think, 10, 20 minutes. Well, they had so many shots of us kissing in the foreground with Tiffany in the background, over the shoulder kissing, kissing for the paparazzi – we kissed for about seven-and-a-half hours straight. And I’m telling you, it never got boring.  He’s the first person in my entire life that I had kissing scenes with that didn’t slip me the tongue. He’s a total gentleman.”
         Speaking of tongue, the movie adopts a great tongue-and-cheek attitude to the ridiculousness, never taking itself seriously at all. Red said it wasn’t hard playing himself as a director, since he has dreams of eventually working behind the camera one day. But for now, he’s just giddy to be associated with the Chucky franchise.
       “The ill part of Chucky is that he gets hood approval,” says Redman. “Like in my hood, or any hood - East L.A., Compton, wherever - Chucky gets props. Chucky’s raunchy

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