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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/8/2004 9:36:05 AM

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Internet news is a fascinating thing to get into.


You get to meet and talk to rap and hip-hop artist and see how the in’s and out’s of the business work. You get to deal with many different people and sometimes you actually learn the true feelings of some of these behind the scenes people in the music business.


Record company representatives, publicity people, and sometimes even the artist themselves will let you know their true feelings about the web and how they feel towards it.


With so much piracy going on, some artist are guarded in sending early promo’s, in fear that they will be put up on the web and distributed without care of the welfare of the artist or their family’s. This is their job and they have families to support. So when their work is ‘stolen’ it would make any of us act more cautious.


Some web sites post early released music in hopes of getting the ‘scoop’ on their competitors. They show no respect for the artist or his work by doing this, and sometimes it turns out to be a hindrance to legitimate sites.


Then there are the artist who’s publicity people feel that the web is not part of the ‘over all picture of advertising’ for their artist. Some would even say “you are a website, we still have to do the real things first.”


With the advantages of the internet and it’s wide reaching audience why would publicist take such a stance against using the web to promote their artist?


And then there are the publicists that you gain respect for and are always willing to help them in anyway you can. Those are the true public relations people. Over time a ‘bond’ forms and you know that you are dealing with someone who feels like you do ; and that is putting the artist and his work first.

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