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Posted by Robert
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11/7/2004 1:31:32 PM

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There is an interesting book out by Esquire magazine that includes Marion 'Suge' Knight as a contributor of one of the 65 Extraordinarty Lives.

The book 'The Meaning of Life' is available from Barnes and Noble HERE .

Here is what the publisher has to say about it:
Esquire The Meaning of Life: Wit, Wisdom, and Wonder from 65 Extraordinary Lives
Every month in Esquire, the captains of industry (Jack Welch) and the pop culture icons (Gene Simmons, Loretta Lynn), the leaders (Rudolph Giuliani) and the loudmouths (Don Rickles), reveal their philosophy of life in the What I've Learned column. Ten entertaining years' worth of their often-humorous, always thoughtful advice, along with stunning portrait photography, is gathered in this sharply designed compilation. The contributors include Muhammad Ali, Bill O'Reilly, and Faye Dunaway; former Secretary of State Robert McNamara; Hugh Hefner; Elvis Costello, and Lou Reed; Suge Knight; and Julia Child.

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