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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/5/2004 2:55:36 PM

A live interview with Czar-Nok, Locdown Records' and Capitol Records' new rap duo, will broadcast Saturday 5:30pm on UPN's broadcast of the entertainment magazine, "New Xtreme Sounds" and Saturday 12:00am midnight on "You must Learn", both hosted by Cincinnati's own Sean Jay.

Interviewed by John House, Czar-Nok's Jimmy Haze says to let their music "paint the picture". As this was the topic of discussion, they also spoke about their content of the album, their writing style, and they also share their direction and address their background. Czar-Nok's, Huey P. and Jimmy Haze both believe and write "We make the money but the money don't make us. Yet, Money Talks". Throughout their interview they profess their inspirations. Czar-Nok reveals that not only do they perform their new material, but they also write, co-produce and apply their own lyricist entities.

Czar-Nok has just completed their first album titled "That One Way" which will be released early to mid 2005 through Capitol Records. The album was written with the focus on game, money and the street. Their words are heard through two of their songs on the album titled, "Hercules" and "Table Dance". The album was co-produced by Los Vegas from LocDown Records along side of In-House Producer Rah Rich. Dj Bless & Suicide Kingz also both co-produced five tracks and mixed the entire album for Capitol Records. Album production credits include: Kanye West, Suicide Kingz, 3:6 Mafia, and more. Czar-Nok has also recently collaborated with such hip hop / rap artists as LT, Kwame, E-40, Lil-Flip, Mari-Bev Arie and Lil Myron. To plant the seed for their up-coming release, Czar-Nok will be performing in such major cities as Chicago, Nashville, and Houston and in the tri-state area.

Locdown Records, based out of Cincinnati Ohio, has evolved from a local recording studio to a Cincinnati, Ohio based recording powerhouse. Locdown Records owner and producer, Los Vegas, has collectively combined such skills of Locdown artists with those of his own to turn out hits much like his producer inspirations.

Visit their web site http://www.locdown.net 

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