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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
11/5/2004 9:28:40 AM

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     Looks like the celebrities recruited to push the youth vote for hip hop's Diddy’s Citizen Change campaign didn’t even bother to exercise their civic duty on Tuesday.    

      According to the “New York Daily News,” early returns for Diddy's campaign indicated that 50 Cent and Ludacris didn't vote, and neither did Paris Hilton, all of whom appeared in print ads sporting the infamous “Vote or Die” t-shirt. 

      Voting records in New York, Georgia and California - where rappers 50, Luda and Hilton have cribs - revealed that the three celebrities weren't even registered.

      According to Citizen Change official Alexis McGill, the non-partisan organization tried its best to make sure their endorsers voted on Election Day.

      Citizen Change contacted every celebrity's representative and was told by each and every one that celebrities participating in our campaign were registered to vote," McGill told the “Daily News.”

      Another Citizen Change insider added, "All the celebrities' managers confirmed that they were going to register if they hadn't already. We have to take the managers at their word. We have no business checking up on them, especially because none of the celebs got paid."

      Fifty may not have been eligible to vote, being a convicted felon and all, but Luda's publicist, Bianca Bianconi, insists the rapper did participate in the election.

      "I just got off the phone with Ludacris and he said he absolutely mailed his absentee ballot last week in Fulton County, Georgia," Bianconi told the paper.

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