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Hip-Hop News: Dre Revives Plans For Detox LP
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Posted by Robert
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11/4/2004 5:35:48 AM

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As late as August, Game thought he had it — Dr. Dre's last-ever recorded rap verse.

While working on Game's debut LP, Dr. Dre got in the booth and rapped on a track; shortly afterward, he told the young artist, "That's it." No more Dre raps. Earlier this year, Dre
announced he had given up on his long-awaited Detox album to focus on producing the wealth of talent signed to his Aftermath imprint, which includes 50 Cent, Game, Busta Rhymes, Eminem and Eve.

Dre's plans have apparently been revamped. On Game's "Higher," the Doc tells everyone to "look out for Detox," and on the new record Dre has with Em and 50, "Encore," Slim Shady says: "And don't worry 'bout that Detox album/ It's comin'/ We gonna make Dre do it."

"The thing was that when Dre decided [to forget about] Detox, he was in his artist-molding mode," Game explained. "He was feeling like he just got Eve and Bus, he was real focused on my project, he was on some unselfishness. Like, 'I'mma put Detox to the side; I ain't gonna do Detox.' Dre just fell back and wanted to work on his artists. After he got me out of the way, Busta's album is almost wrapped, Eve is working her album, Dre is feeling vibrant. Dre got his groove back, and he's ready to do the Detox."

Interscope says the producer has been in the studio working on Detox and it's now slated for a fall 2005 release. In the meantime, fans will have plenty of Dre's production work to tide them over. He recently worked the boards for a joint effort between Game and 50 Cent, and he's still in the studio with 50. The duo's collaboration, "How We Do," is the official first single from Game's upcoming album.

"I was there, I dropped my verse, then 50 walked through [the studio]," Game recalled of the recording session. "He heard it, he was like, 'Yo, son, I gotta get on that.' So he jumped on behind me and it had that feel. The hook was the last thing we did. After my 16 [bars], 50 came in with his 16."

Dre put 50's verse right behind Game's, giving the song a back-and-forth feel. The two then dropped a few more bars and were going to let the song go without a chorus, but Dre stepped in, saying the record was too long, and 50 subsequently rapped the hook.

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