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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/31/2004 12:49:45 PM

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“Jay-Z and Friends will perform, No R. Kelly!” that was the announcement I heard on my way to The Madison Square Garden.  Like many other fans up until that point I wasn’t even sure there would be a show!


The show did go on! Maybe not the way some had expected or the way the crowd from Friday night remembers. Approaching the Garden I saw a few groups of ladies sporting there R.Kelly gear walking in the opposite direction of the arena. Fans that had tickets that were only interested in seeing R. Kelly were offered refunds for their tickets. After seeing the whole show I would like to let the people that went for the refund know you made a big mistake!


Funk Master Flex started the show by spinning and getting the crowd real hype in the normal Funk Flex style. The show its self kicked off about an hour late.


The set was the normal Best of Both World set. Two tour buses that looked like they had crashed on to the stage. From what I have read that played apart of the way the show would open. But not tonight! Instead the intro to tonight’s show started with  Jay-z sitting back smoking a cigar as a concert promoter begged him to perform.


Jay-z opened the show with a small set by himself performing hits from back in the day right up to today’s hit “99 Problems”.  The crowd was definitely still feeling it despite all the controversy surrounding the show. After that Jay-Z stopped to address the crowd. Taking a good look around the arena he said, “Take a look at this place everybody! See one monkey can’t stop a show, Nigga!”  The place went crazy!


The rest of the ROC came out to join Jay-z on stage for a couple more tracks. As they headed off a voice you can’t mistake hit the mic! Shouting “New York City!”  Busta Rhymes & Spliff Start hit the stage! Busta can really hold it down! He is definitely one of my favorite live performers. If you ever have the chance to see Busta live, you have to check it out! Busta closed his set by bringing out Mariah Carey to perform their song “Baby if you’ll give it to me”.


Jay-Z and the ROC crew took back the stage to perform a few more tracks. The last track they brought out T.I. When they were finished the crew left Jay-Z on stage to bring out hip-hop queen Mary J. Blige. Together they performed “Cry” when they were done Mary stayed to perform a set by herself. Jay-Z. Other items you may find on Jay-Z include updates, news, multimedia, chat, links and more. Click here...

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