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Posted by Robert
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10/29/2004 8:14:11 PM

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Gail Gotti the west coast rap Gangstress has started in a new direction. She is releasing her compilation album on her web site for free on November 1st. The “For My Bitch’z & My Nigga’z”compilation is a long awaited drop that her fans have been waiting for since last year.


If you are not familiar with Gail Gotti this is your chance to get a great album and to hear her style of west coast spit and she is giving it to us.


Gail Gotti is showing she is more than a great female rapper and more than just a beautiful woman. She has much going on; from new albums and the new web site to a clothing line. She is ‘blooming’ into a full-fledged enterprise.


Known to many for her work at Death Row Records, and being on Tha Dysfunktionl Family soundtrack and having been on various artist albums, Gail Gotti has formed a solid fan base that has followed her from the early days at Death Row where she seen the likes like Tupac Shakur, Storm, Jewell and Rage make history. Her unique friendship with west coast rap mogul Suge Knight has afforded her an exceptional learning experience from which she has learned a lot and it shows in her current ventures. Her solid fan base is eager to see her shine.


Recently it was rumored that she was leaving Death Row Records and everyone was wondering what was going on. Well we had a chance to speak to the Gangstress herself and get information on all that Gail Gotti has going on.

Visit her web site  and get this album and experience what many have known for along time.


I would like to thanks the great team over at Night-N-Gail Entertainment for hooking all this up and thanks to Gail Gotti for making time in a busy schedule for her fans.


Check out her web site at  and see what she is all about.

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