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Hip-Hop News: Ja's Tour Manager Arrested
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/28/2004 8:28:34 PM

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Rapper JA RULE and his posse had a bit of a shock when German cops arrested his tour manager for possessing drugs.

The  rapper’s group were nabbed at Cologne airport and the chief roadie, Burnz, was found to have marijuana on him.

He was handcuffed and led away by police for questioning. Ja went with him to offer support.

Amazingly, Burnz was released with just a slap on the wrist and a warning not to try to take drugs through customs again.

Ja is touring Europe to promote his new album R.U.L.E, which is out next month.

He was due to fly to Munich on Wednesday night when the party were busted. An insider said: “Cops came rushing into departures and hauled the tour manager to one side to check his bag.

“After a quick search they slapped the cuffs on him and took him away.”

German police have confirmed a member of the party was quizzed over possession of drugs but was let go after a warning.

Ja has never hidden his own fondness for marijuana in his lyrics, along with his other favourite rapping subject — guns.

Less controversially, his new single Wonderful, featuring R KELLY and ASHANTI, looks set to knock ERIC PRYDZ off the top spot of the singles chart on Sunday.

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