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Posted by Robert
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10/27/2004 6:38:20 PM

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The soon to be released album by rap gangstress Gail Gotti “For My Bitch’z & My Nigga’z” has had some changes since we reported on it earlier.


The track list for the album has changed and we have the updated tracklist below.


Along with rapper Gail Gotti there are many notable rap artist on this album.


Among them Tupac, Kurupt, Daz, Shyne, Roscoe, Eastwood, the Boo Yaa Tribe and many other rap notables show up on tracks.


Also there is Tha SwitchBladez; which is Gail Gotti, her sister Virginia Slim, Tiny and Jaz’Mina.


RedBone; which is Gail Gotti and Virgina Slim.


This album has been widely anticipated for awhile. Gail Gotti is one of the best female rappers out today. It was due to drop months ago and that never did materialize but come November 1st it will be available for free download on Gail Gotti’s web site .

Here is the updated tracklist and be sure to visit  November 1st to download the album. It is finially happening.


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