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Hip-Hop News: Method Man Back To Original Sound
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Method Man
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/20/2004 2:30:19 PM

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In a recent interview rap's Wu Tang's The RZA said he and fellow rapper Meth are talking about going into the studio for Method Man's new album, and taking it back to the original sound.

"I have some hip-hop, some underground acts I'm producing, as well as me and Method Man talking about going into the studio for his new album, and taking it back to the original sound that he had." RZA said.

He also talked about the link between Music and Martial Arts.

"There's a definite link at one point, and then there's a disconnecting point. The link with martial arts and music is that everything starts with emptiness, and that emptiness wants to be filled. Wants to be completed. Martial Arts' emptiness is called Wu Chi. From Wu Chi you get Tai Chi, and Tai Chi is the two extremities of all things (Yin and Yang). In other words, the motion-extremity of positive, and the motion-extremity of negative." RZA said. "Now, if you look at a musical octave, it's the same thing. It starts from emptiness, (silence), and goes from that extreme to another, and repeats itself over, and over, through endless variations. Martial Arts and dancing like ballet have a lot of similarities. I like to call my art 'lyrical martial arts'."


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Method Man
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