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Hip-Hop News: Another Mixed Hip-Hop Vote Message
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Posted by Robert
Rap News Network
10/8/2004 8:48:48 PM

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All the Hip-Hop Action Summits, the vote or die campaign; hip-hop wants to be involved in this election.

So why run a huge hip-hop special at the same time as the presidential debates?

Is the message that the Summits, the councils and the entire rap / hip hop interest directed toward one thing, getting Bush out of office?

Many jobs were lost because of the terrorist attacks. Many businesses were forced to change. Airlines are broke; some are afraid to fly.The 911 attack has took it’s toll on America.

The war in Iraq is a trouble spot. It is being compared to Viet Nam. The big difference there is that there is no draft. We have a volunteer army.

The National Guard is mad because they have to live up to their end of the agreement they signed, and they are expected to do more than just go to school at taxpayers expense. ALL in the armed services knew what the deal was when they signed up. So why do they complain now?

Bush is not perfect and either is Kerry. Although to hear him (Kerry) speak he is going to do everything but turn water to wine, and maybe that point has not been touched on yet.

To blame George Bush for all the ills of this country is really not fair.

The things that are happening now would still be happening no matter who was in office.

The hip hop summits and conventions and vote or die campaigns all focus on one thing; elect Kerry.

And then one of the major players in the hip hop vote campaigns spends 2 million dollars to produce a hip hop special and then shows it during the presidential debates. Seems that the message is watch this special I made for you and just vote how we tell you.

That is what Malcolm X called the okie doke.

If you fall for the okie doke then hip-hop really loses. Yea hip-hop culture should be involved and INFORMED. Just voting because a few say it’s cool is not real voting.

How do the hip-hop culture members have an informed opinion when most of them were watching the hip-hop special instead of the debate?

Yea hip-hop’s so called leaders want the rap / hip-hop culture to vote – but they are stacking the deck and many are falling for it.

If you are going to vote, make your own mind up. Form your own opinion. If you watched the hip hop special on VH-1 instead of watching the debate, then look for the debate to re-run on c span or else where.

Yes vote get involved but be informed, and make an informed vote. Not an okie doke vote for the so-called leaders of the rap / hip hop culture. Vote for the candidate you feel has your interest and the country’s interest at the top of his priority list. Vote : just vote your own informed pick.


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