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Posted by Robert
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9/21/2004 12:04:59 PM

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Apparantly rappers Yukmouth and Game are beefin.
Both have released some venom towards each other recently on different songs:
Game strikes first with "I Got A Mill On It' which has him rapping over the beat of "I Got 5 On It" taking jabs at Domination and Yukmouth:"You a bitch, how you call yaself the "Ice Cream Man"--When Master P took your name and your Ice Cream Van--Made 500 million, that’s your homie though--Took your manhood, gave tha shit to Lil Romeo.
Yukmouth quickly retaliates with "Game Over" which has him rapping over the beat of Young Buck’s "Let Me In" taking shots at Game and G-Unit: "Suge Knight slapped that n***a (Game), he didn't do s**t-- Got slapped two different times and didn't do
s**t--Disrespecting Eazy's tattoo-- you aint Ruthless--Dropped an album with JT that didn't so s**t-- Now he Mr. Hard body since he with the Unit."
Yukmouth struck yet again with "Game Over 2" Yukmouth and Gonzoe (of Outlawz fame) spitting over the beat of Fabolous's latest single 'Breathe'. "You ain't from the hood--Your first album went wood--And every week you getting slapped by Suge--At the end of the track Yuk spits :"You ain't got no plaques on the wall--You aint got no money--you bitch.--You live at your momma's house --You tongue ring queen--You cant f**k with me--stay off the internet you computer thug--You don't want war you b***h...Joe Budden murdered you and Yuk gon' dead ya ass...You just got your first tattoo 2 years ago--When JT found you you was tryna be a GQ Model--you thought you was the next LL.--remember you was saying that--you b***h. Be real...fake ass Blood"

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